Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce Matanzima?
  • Muh-tuhn-zimma. No, it does not rhyme with Montezuma, although you may have some of his revenge if you eat too much Matanzima!

    What are the ingredients?
    • Tomatoes, malt vinegar, canola oil, garlic, ginger, chillies (Serrano and African Birds eye, aka "Piri Piri"), spices, sugar. All natural. No preservatives, thickeners, coloring etc.

    How hot is Matanzima?
    • Well that depends on your tolerance. If you are used to mild/bland foods, then it's pretty hot. On the other hand, if you are a hard core "chilli head" who says things like "you can't make it too hot for me" at the local Thai or Indian restaurant, then Matanzima is probably a "medium". It's about the same heat as Tapatio or Sriracha.

      I noticed that the sauce separates after it has been sitting for a while. Is it still OK to eat?
      • Yes. Matanzima sauce contains vegetable oil. So if the sauce has been sitting for a while, you will see some of the oil rise up to the top of the bottle. This is perfectly normal. Just shake the bottle before you use it, and you will be good to go.

      What is the shelf life?
      • 2+ years unopened, 6+ months opened. The oil acts as a natural preservative, keeping oxygen away from the ingredients that could go bad. In Africa, most people do not have refrigeration, and that's why oil based sauces are common. These types of sauces will keep for many months after opening, even un-refrigerated. 

        How much does shipping cost?
        • Shipping is to the US only.
        • $15 for the first 3 Pack; $20 for two or more 3 Packs to the same address in the same order
        • $20 for the first case, $10 per additional case to the same address in the same order
        • For individual bottles, all shipping is via USPS 2/3 day priority mail. Shipping method for case lots depends on location.
        • Shipping charges will be added to your order upon checkout.
        • These are heavy, fragile items, that have to be packaged carefully; that is why shipping is quite expensive. 

        How long will it take for my order to ship?
        • We usually ship within 2 business days

          Do you ship outside the US?
          • Sorry, no. Too much hassle dealing with customs. At some point we hope to have international distributors.

            What is "Haas Das se Nuuskas"?
            • It's a South African children's television series from the 1970's featuring a rabbit and a mouse running a news broadcast. Rather than call our blog "News" we thought it would be interesting to call it something more meaningful. I'm sure if Matanzima hot sauce was around then, Haas Das would have had some on his carrots.