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Reduced shipping rates

Posted by Wayne F on December 22, 2010 0 Comments

It turns out there are some options for flat rate priority mail that you can get in the post office that are not available on their website (or possibly I was too dof to find them). In any case this has allowed us to reduce shipping charges. Shipping for the first bottle is now only $4, plus $1 for additional bottles in the same order, via 2/3 day Priority Mail. Shipping for case lots is $15 for the first case, $10 per additional. 

Order 4 or more cases and get free shipping!

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Matanzima and Avocado

Posted by Wayne F on December 18, 2010 0 Comments

Fill up the center of the avocado with Matanzima hot sauce. Mix it up with a spoon and eat it on your favourite savoury cracker.


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Eish! it's almost Christmas!

Posted by Wayne F on December 13, 2010 0 Comments

If you want to have your Matanzima hot sauce by Christmas, then you better order it chop chop!

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Braaivleis and Matanzima Hot Sauce

Posted by Wayne F on December 11, 2010 0 Comments

In South Africa we love to braai (barbeque) and Matanzima hot sauce goes great with just about anything you can cook on a fire. 

Speaking of braai's, there is a pretty funny video floating around the net about a couple of down home South African "manne" (good 'ol boys) who are having a miserable time backpacking in Europe.

Be warned though, the scene with the guys standing around the braai n their speedo's and their crocs is a bit disturbing!

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All up in the Interwebs, 2010!

Posted by Shopify on November 26, 2010 0 Comments

OK, after years of procrastination, vacillation and other time wasting afflictions that sound like tropical diseases, Matanzima Foods is finally launched!

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