Welcome to Matanzima!

Pronounced "Mah-tun-zeemah", this delicious hot sauce was formulated by a family friend who developed a taste for spicy foods while serving in the British Army in India.

After moving to the Zululand region of east Africa (now part of South Africa), he refined the sauce using local African ingredients. The result, as I'm sure you've found out, is a versatile hot sauce that can be used to liven up any meal.

Matanzima should be available for sale in mid 2011. Until then, if you need some more, send me a note at: info@matanzima.com, or call (415) 779-2966 and I will get you a bottle as soon as the next batch is done.

If you do send me an email, please put the words "Hot Sauce" in the title, so I know the message is from a human, not some spam bot trying to sell me viagra!

Thanks and have a great day!